Introducing newly launched iCLEBO OMEGA - An intelligent Cleaning Robot designed and made by Yujin Robot in Korea. We are authorized distributor to provide sales and after sales services of iCLEBO robot series in Malaysia.  

NEW Features Highlight 

  • Smart Turbo with ultra-powerful motor - improved suction power that enables effective collection of various types of particles such as dirt, cereal, sands and pet hair on the ground.  It is also a perfect solution for carpet cleaning
  • Tangle Free - A perfect design with Advanced V6 rubber blade to prevent itself from getting stuck with hair tangles.  It is especially useful for the house with pets, not only bringing ease of maintenance, but also improving product lifetime. 
  • Enhanced Cleaning Coverage - Wide-angle smart camera mapping system that able to effectively analyze the space thoroughly cleans with least missing spots. 
  • Smart Sensing - It is consists of Smart Deep Corner Cleaning Algorithm and 19 obstacles detect sensors increase the cleaning efficiency, especially more effective near walls corners and furniture





                                             Product Brochure

                                                           iCLEBO OMEGA

                                                            iCLEBO  ARTE

                                                              iCLEBO POP




























  • Product Code: Iclebo Omega (Gold)